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Our consulting services focus on the unique needs of privately owned businesses.

Succession & Transition

One of the unique areas of support service BPV provides is in the area of business transition and succession planning. BPV works with select businesses to assist them through transition to support the ongoing success of the business. Business succession is not easy and often requires the support of an objective third party to assist in thinking through the range of decisions that need to be made. During all of this, we never diminish how important your business is to you, your leadership, your employees and your customers. We understand the emotional balance that is needed during times of transition and have successfully facilitated multiple transition discussions where emotions converge with business logic to drive to the best ultimate outcome.

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An effective Governance structure is essential in all businesses. During times of transition, when roles and responsibilities shift, it is essential to review your governance structure. We understand that governance can get in the way of efficient and effective leadership. BPV offers innovative governance solutions while focusing on keeping it SIMPLE, recognizing the importance of agility in today’s world.

BPV will work with you to evaluate the right structure and team to guide your business. Through our collective experience of serving on a number of closely held boards and being actively involved in the governance of closely held businesses, we bring practical hands-on experience as we evaluate governance models and options that will best suit your business.

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Management Support

As an additional service, BPV provides general management support to our clients based on their specific needs. We have found that after engaging with a client in transition, our engagements often evolve to include more broad-based consulting services.

Both Bill and Jeremy are experienced C-suite executives who are known for their collaborative leadership approach and their ability to drive effective execution through times of change. In all we do, we focus on building trust, transparency and open communications with all of our clients.

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